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Why online speech therapy?

It just makes so much sense.  

It saves time – no driving, no waiting in crowded waiting rooms, no dragging yourself or your child out on a cold winter day.

No having to choose between your child’s speech getting better or the family enjoying the cabin in the summer or going on that much needed winter vacation. 


You can have the session from the comfort of your own home, wherever you are calling home – cabin, hotel room, I’ve even done online with a child in a car.

And I offer short sessions too, to get you back to what you are doing in no time. 

How does this whole thing work? 

  • Call or text to set up a free 15-min consultation. 

  • Fill in a few online forms.

  • Your child is informally assessed in the general area you are concerned about: through conversation, probes, screeners, and my best clinical judgement

  • We decide together what we think is really what we need to work on in therapy right now.

  • Then we get started … usually right away. 

  • It's that simple!

When are you available, how often do we meet, how long are sessions?

You're busy and you need flexibility for your lifestyle. Speak Out Therapy lets you chose what works for you.

  • You chose how often we meet: once a week, twice a week, twice a month.

  • You chose when it's most convenient: day and evening appointments are available, even some weekends.

  • You choose how long the session will be: offering short (25-30), medium (40-45 min) and long (50-60 min) sessions. 

What if I want/need a formal assessment with a written report that I can keep?


No problem. I can provide a formal assessment touching on all the areas of communication that you would like and wrap it all up with a written report. An extra fee will apply.         


How do I pay

Payment is through e-transfer and is due at the end of each session. 


I don’t directly bill to extended health insurance providers. 
Check if your extended health insurance provides coverage for Speech-Language Pathology services. I will give you a receipt for you to submit for reimbursement. Remember to ask your extended health insurance provider if a referral is required for services to be reimbursed. 

How much do you charge? 


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